President’s Message                 September 19, 2005

It’s a great honor for me to serve as the President of the CAWRA for the next two years.  Meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Yanqing Lian, and two new board members Professor Ximing Cai and Dr. Nian she.  In the near future, I will call the election committee for our President-Elect in order.  I would appreciate your input to fulfill this important position.

We will continue our efforts to enhance the technical exchange with water resources professionals from both side of Taiwan Strait. Our special sessions at EWRI/ASCE annual conferences, for example, are able to form because the support received from our oversea members. I want to thank members including Professor Jan Tai Kuo and Professor Lianxiang Wang and others who have been assisting the organization of this special session from the beginning. I also hope more oversea members can join us and offer ideas for other cooperations.  As many of you already know, the up-coming 9th Cross Strait Water Resources Conference will be held in Tianjin on October 24-26, 2005.  I hope each of you can make every effort to participate.  It has been noticed that the conference will provide an excellent chance to meet colleagues from both sides of the strait and to exchange ideas with them.  The post-meeting technical tour is scheduled to visit Chengde, the former summer retreat of the Ching Dynasty.  If you need more information, please visit the website,, or call Dr. Lian or myself.

This newsletter is a forum for all the members to exchange information and ideas, and it belongs to all of us. With your input and participation, this newsletter will become more and more informative and interesting.

Baolin Wu

Dr. Soong has completed his presidential term from 2003 to 2005.  CAWRA would like to appreciate Dr. Soong's leadership and effort. He has been a leader to inspire volunteers resolving difficult tasks for CAWRA. Also, he has conducted and achieved many plans and proposals as recommended by members in the annual meeting of 2003 in Philadelphia.  As Dr. Soong passed the baton to Dr. Wu, the new elected CAWRA president, Dr. Soong has the following farewell message (September   2005):

Dear CAWRA member,

I am obliged to write this belated message to welcome Dr. Baolin Wu, who has become CAWRA’s 7th President since September 1, 2005. Dr. Wu has officially appointed Dr. Yanqing Lian of the Illinois State Water Survey to be the Secretary/Treasurer of CAWRA. Dr. Yanqing Lian is a professional scientist at the Illinois State Water Survey. His research interests and publications have focused on the areas of hydrologic modeling of flow transport in watersheds; hydraulic modeling of large river systems for flood protection and management options; conjunctive modeling of surface and subsurface flows; risk and uncertainty analysis in environmental and hydrological sciences. He earned a Master of Engineering degree in hydrogeology from the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, China, a Master and a Ph.D. in hydrology and hydraulics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We wish to express our warmest welcome and thanks Dr. Wu and Dr. Lian for their commitment to the goal of CAWRA and their efforts for the coming years.

Results of the August election: The election committee has received a total of 23 returned ballots and all the votes were in favor of Professor Ximing Cai and Dr. Nian She. Congratulations to Dr. Cai and Dr. She for receiving such strong support. Dr. Cai and Dr. She will server the four-year term from 2005 to 2009. They will join the current Board Directors, Dr. Frank Tsai and Dr. Tsong C. Wei, to work with Dr. Wu. After being elected Board Directors in 2003, Dr. Tsai and Dr. Wei have diligently served CAWRA with their leadership in diverse capacities. Dr. Wei has provided information and URLs to water resource institutes/publication sites for CAWRA Web page. When he was the Secretary/Treasure of CAWRA, Dr. Wei led the efforts in revising the Association's constitution and by-laws and in pursued financial supports from institutions for CAWRA. Dr. Tsai leads the Division of Technology and Cooperation and serves as the chairperson for CAWRA in Cross Strait Conferences. Their advice on many CAWRA issues and their pleasant work-relationship with our members led me to believe the new officers will begin on a high note.

Our departing Board Directors are Dr. Yuan Cheng and Professor Chunyuan Guo; departing Secretary/Treasurer is Dr. Yichun Xu. When visiting the CAWRA web page, we see the design created by Dr. Cheng and the timely updates he put together through spare hours. Dr. Cheng also serves as the leader in the Division of Membership and Public Relations. Remember the CAWRA T-short he designed for fund-raising? On the other hand, Dr. Guo reminded me of the big pictures for CAWRA and assisted in organizing special sessions in annual EWRI/ASCE conference; Dr. Guo serves as the lead person on the Division of Publication and Public Relation. His idea on organizing peer reviewed publication services for scholars from both sides of strait can be a worthwhile effort. Dr. Xu has served CAWRA as the Secretary and Treasurer for four consecutive years, starting with Professor Sam Wang, the 5th CAWRA President in 2001. She has helped communicate with CAWRA members, maintained CAWRA records, registered CAWRA web site and assisted Dr. Cheng in updating CAWRA web page. My special thanks to Dr. Xu for staying on in CAWRA roles without hesitation when I started in 2003. Dr. Xu now is a senior Water Resource engineer at AMEC Infrastructure Inc. in Mesa, Arizona.

A very unique feature of CAWRA is the members’ high caliber and expertise in diverse fields of water-resources. Our members join the Association to share and support a common goal – the advancement of technology and information in water resources in the geographic regions of China, and the profession of its members. A clear approach to reach the goal has not been outlined, our members also face the constraints on competing commitment to their professional development. However, maintaining communication and initiating activities are a few basic means that can help tackle the task. Many members in the US as well as on both sides of the Strait and past officers have already put efforts into these activities. A witness of such efforts is the attendance at annual CAWRA meeting during the ASCE/EWRI conference. By showing support like this and in other means the elected officers can have the confidence to develop new initiatives. Such efforts will continuously be needed. With the commitment from many members to the goal of CAWRA, I believe some names will be seen more frequently in various CAWRA activities in the future.

Our condolences to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I sincerely hope our members are not affected. If there are any updates or things we should do, please convey the message to Dr. Wu ( or Dr. Lian ( You can also send it to me as well.

Best Wishes.

David Soong

The following is a previous CAWRA President's message.  Dr. Soong was CAWRA President from 2003 to 2005. If you are new member or a visitor to CAWRA web site, please review the message, you may know more about the CAWRA.

Dear CAWRA member:

Since its inception in 1993, CAWRA has had six Presidents: The late Professor Ben Chie Yen, Professor Hsieh Wen Shen, Professor Chao Lin Chiu, Dr. ShihTun Su, Professor Sam SueYi Wang, and presently me. Each of the former presidents had worked on various initiatives by developing its membership, leadership, services to its members, aimed at strengthening CAWRA and collaboration with water-resources institutes in the geographic regions of China. Now, CAWRA faces a different environment from 10 years ago. Changes, not only in technology but in economy and societal development in the U.S. and China, have effects on CAWRA and the water-resources fields in general. There are increased interests in global water availability, disaster prevention, water-resources management, especially in countries with differing societal structures and physiographic environments. The number of water-resources professionals from the geographic regions of China working and studying in the U.S. also is increasing. As an association aiming to serve the water-resources community by providing information, promoting information/technology exchanges and collaborations, CAWRA needs to meet these changes and orient services to present and future needs.

Updating developments in water resources - either geographically or technologically, communicating members' activities, providing a forum for exchanging ideas and member interactions, and promoting opportunities for collaboration are the objectives for 2003-05. These objectives were brought forth from the discussions in our June 2003 annual meeting in Philadelphia during the ASCE Annual Conference. Recognizing that these objectives have short- and long-term perspectives, the elected CAWRA officers also resolved to re-establish divisions to manage CAWRA affairs. In this way, CAWRA work can continue and there are more opportunities for members to participate and assist with the work. The elected board members also graciously agreed to initially lead the divisions. The division structure was established during Professor Chiu's tenure but some modifications have been made to fit current conditions. In summary, planned work tasks include:

1. Organize a special session in the annual ASCE conference. [This session can be turned into an annual event]
2. Update CAWRA Web page and enhance functionality
3. Publish a newsletter to timely update recent development in water-resources and members' activities

The divisions, division leaders, and work tasks are as follows:
1.    Division of Membership and Public Relation (Dr.  Yuan Cheng)
        Establish a CAWRA talent pool
        Establish member award criteria
2.    Division of Publication (Dr. James Chwen Yuan Guo)
    Book purchase program (for example, contact agencies on books/reports on specific rivers)
3.    Division of Technology and Cooperation (Dr. Frank Tsai)
    Partnership with water-resources organizations and Chinese-American professional societies
    Promote, sponsor, and provide assistance to organizations in the U.S. that plan to hold workshops/conferences on water-resources issues in the geographic regions of China
    Facilitate Chinese-American water-resources research and development
    Serve as liaison between Chinese delegates from overseas and CAWRA members in the U.S
    Encourage and enhance contacts and collaboration between CAWRA members in the U.S., and in the geographic regions of China

4.    Division of Finance (vacant at present)
    Fund raising for CAWRA activities
    Establish CAWRA annual budgetary system.

Up to present, Dr. Yuan Cheng has updated the CAWRA Web page. Dr. Yichun Xu registered our domain name as and maintains Web files at the National Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering headed by Professor Sam Wang; Professor Wang also supported the initial cost of registration for 3 years. Dr. Wei is organizing URLs of water-resources institutes for the Web page. Guo and I have submitted an abstract to ASCE for organizing a special session titled "Water Resources Development and Challenges in Mainland China and Taiwan". Also Dr. George Leung is going to help with editing the newsletter.

CAWRA is advantageous in providing its services because many our members have unique background and knowledge about water issues in the U.S. and the other countries. I invite you to get involved. Assistance is needed from all of you to make the proposed work tasks successful. You can assist with any of the work tasks described in the divisions, provide news/articles/photos/URLs for the newsletter and Web page, contact division leaders for how you can  help, or become a CAWRA officer. Only with your participation can CAWRA succeed in achieving its goals - the advancement of technology in water resources in the geographic regions of China, and the profession of its members.


David Ta Wei Soong